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-knock- E: "Come in!" J: "Thanks." S: "How are you doing, sir?" L: "..." S: "Still not talking, huh." J: "It's been three days." E: "He's thinking. Give him time." J: "I know." S: "Poor guy. He saved us all from beng smashed to bits, and he's still beating himself up about it." L: "I destroyed everything." S: "Lisem, no, no." L: "It's all gone..." E: "Lis, it's not your fault." J: "Don't worry, sir." L: -sob- j: "It doesn't matter where we conduct our business. That's not our offiec. Our office is US. As long as we stick together, we'll be ok. And... You were able to stop the building from crashing. You saved our lives. So in the end, you did save the office after all." L: "I did?" J: "Of course. And we're very proud of you." L: -sniff- "T-thanks." J: "Of course. None of us can stand to see you cry." L: "I'll try not to." J: "It's ok if you do. You almost died." S: "Yeah, you fell off a building!! How are you alive?!" L: "Um- Well-" -POOF- Ja: "Lisem, wake up! You fucked up big time!" L: "Jasmine-" Ja: "Cagliostrio" J: "Um, hello." L: "Eh?"