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S: "DIRECT HIT! Great work, team!" L: "What the..." S: "NEED BACKUP, BOSS?!" N: "Ground squad, Nyem here! Ty and I have removed most of the citizens!" C: "Ready to fire again, Air squad!" J: "Excellent." L: "Guys..." S: "WE GOT YOU!!" Lu: "SAY YOUR PRAYERS, LISEM!!" -SLAMM!!- L: "AH!" -KKLKCKKKLCK" -CRASSHH!!- L: "NOOO!!" Lu: "WHA-" -BOOM!!- -smack- L: "My... My office..." ... "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!" -BAM- L: "MY WHOLE LIFE! THAT- MY OFFICE- MY FRIENDS- I- I HATE YOU!!" Lu: "guh" L: "Looks like I'm the one who gets the pleasure of disposing of you, then, huh?" -zzzz- L: "So, die." La: "STOP!!!" ... "STOP! STOP!! LISEM, DON'T!" L: "Why." La: "Please. PLEASE! He's your BROTHER, Lisem!!" L: "Wha..." La: -heavy breathing- L: "I have no brothers." La: "W-" Lu: "NO!" -poof- L: -cough x2- "Fuuuck me." -FWOOM- -WHIRRR- -poof-