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Lu: "Good evening, Lisem!" L: "Tell me why you two were in that church." Lu: "Right to business, huh." La: "Lupi and I head a project across many different Adrestian chuches to dig a series of connecteed tunnels to the center of the Earth, to try to reach Adrestia's palace." L: "Why?" La: "Opilione's goals are to interface with the gods." L: "Interface with god...?" Lu: "Yes, yes. Now you gotta help us with our problem, kay!!" L: "What do you need?" Lu: "I need you to fight me." L: "What, like, a fistfight?" Lu: "Like an all-out battle. I don't want you to hold back on me." L: "Absolutely." Lu: "Excellent." ... "Let's begin, shall we?" ... "But prepare to be destroyed." L: "What-" -THWAK- Lu: "Disappointing." ... "I expected more from you, considering your track record." ... "Ah, but-" L: "You talk too much!" -CRACK- -SLAM- lu: "SON OF A-" -crash- Lu: *muffled* "STOP!! OK, NOW I'M MAD!!" -BZZPP- Lu: "Jeez-" -SCREEEE- -FSHHH- Lu: "AHH!" ... "M... My..." -heavy breathing- Lu: "OW!!" -FSHH x2- L: -wince- -heavy breathing- "Fuck..." -BANG- L: "AHHHHH!!" ... "NGH" Lu: "What an interesting weakness." ... "Unfortunately, your time is now up." L: "First, you- -pant- try to take my best friend, then, -pant-, my life? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" ... "If you think I'm dying HERE, to YOU, then- -cough- You're SORELY MISTAKEN!" Lu: "I-" -BZZZP!- -Kctch-