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?: "Ah, excuse me, folks...." ... "Your flight has arrived in APUS." L: "Mmm..? Thank you." E: "Ah, good to be home! We get to sleep in our own beds tonight." L: "Um, yeah." E: "Hey, is everything ok? You're acting weird." L: "Um- I- Uh-" E: "Dude?" L: "I- Erik- I, I, really like you!! Will you be my b-boyfriend?!" -spurt- E: "Oh, shit!" L: "Oh, no!! Are you ok?!" E: "Yeah! I just didn't expect it!" L: "I'm so sorry!" E: "NO!! No!" ... "Of course I will, Lis! You think I'm gonna say no?" L: "I dunno." E: "Of course not!" L: "Ah... Having that confirmation is a weight off my mind." E: "I'm so happy you asked, dude." L: "I'm so happy you said yes." -Ringgg!- L: "Aw, come on..." E: "Damn. I'll get it." ... "Yo." Lu: "Oh, hey, erik. Can you put Lisem on the phone?" E: "What?! You can't just call me up like we're friends or something!" Lu: "It's important." E: "Absolutely not!" Lu: "Damnit, I'm really in trouble here, and he's the only one who can help me! PLEASE!" E: "Well, getting a please from you is weird, but you also, you shot me." Lu: "I APOLOGIZED!" E: "No, you didn't." Lu: "Argh!" ... "What's the worst harm I could do through the phone? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Is that what you want to hear?! I'm desperate here!" E: "Lisem, call for you!!" Lu: "Oh, thank god." La: "He agreed?" L: "Yeah. On top of the office? Sure. Be there in 5." E: "Alright, let's get going." L: "You're not coming." E: "What?" L: "If something bad happens, I don't want to have to worry about you. If anything goes down I can always safely teleport myself away." E: "I guess..." L: "I got this." E: "Just come home safe." L: "Yeah, no problem."