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L: "Good morning." ... "No response? That's ok too." V: "You absolute demon." L: "What?" V: "Lisem, you are a horrible, horrible person. All you do is take other people's happiness and turn it into pain for your own gain, because you don't have any yourself." Ja: "Vic..." ... "Take a seat outside. I'll handle this. It'll be over in under an hour." N: "You speak common?" Ja: "Of course I do." L: "You two take off as well. I've got this." N: "If you say so..." L: "Thank you." Ja: "Smart move." L: "Thanks." Ja: "Let's get down to business." L: "On this phone, I have a number of sensitive photos I took last night on my phone. Now, I have a few main demands-" (Writers note: i fucking hate myself for writing this and not paying attention and now it's too late to change it.) Ja: "Hold on a moment." ... "what i have here is the security footage of your and your associates hotel rooms. Now, I'm not a betting woman, but I'm sure there's loads of video AND audio that you wouldn't want to see the light of day." L: "You- that's-" Ja: "And you've been all over that blonde guy since you got here, and you've only been seen leaving the hotel room together... I wonder what's on here?" ... "Don't assume I have the same sense of shame as you, Rossem. Your 'evidence' against me is meaningless, because I don't care." L: "I- w-" Ja: "LOLOLOL, this fuckin' guy srsly thought that he could best ME... Jesus christ." L: "But- if you haven't seen the tapes- and- then-" Ja: "I'm GAY, ya dipshit! I can smell another gay from a mile away, no sweat. Lmao." L: "What do you want from me?" Ja: "Just leave me alone, you freak! I don't get why you're tryna get with me if you got a bf, but whatever." L: "Hey! I don't want to 'get with you!!'" Ja: "You don't? I thought you were here to redeem your 'married' token for points." L: "NO!! I'm trying to get out of this!!" Ja: "Lisem, if you knew I was dating a woman, why would you assume I wanted to marry you?!" L: "It's the smart tactical decision." Ja: "Not everyone acts like you. Empathy, king." L: "Ah." ... "I'm really sorry. I messed stuff up for the both of us, for a long time, I guess." Ja: "Yeah." L: "And now... Apus is gonna be in deep trouble, and I can't do shit about it. I am but a worm being returned to the depths of the Earth." Ja: "You're on tumblr?" L: "What?" Ja: "Twitter? Drop that handle." L: "No, I'm... No." Ja: "That's based, dude. So based." ... "D'you like minecraft?" L: "Um... Yeah." Ja: "Poggers!! What version?" L: "How is this relevant?" Ja: "1.12, I bet?! Amiright?!" L: "Yeah..." Ja: "Then it's settled! You play minecraft with me, and I'll supply Apus with resources for the war, and nobody has to get married!" L: "What?" Ja: "Mr. Rossem, you remind me of a younger, stupider version of me. And you apologized, so you know your place. I like that in a man. You seem pretty dope." ... "And you've kept me entertained. Like a pet snail, or some sort of ground squirrel. I should do something nice for you back. No strings attached." L: "Princess..." Ja: "It's Jasmine." L: "Jasmine... I... This means so much to me..." Ja: "It's no sweat, dude." ... "Just promise me you'll come back and play with me again, mr. teleport boy, right?" L: "Ah... Um, of course!" ... "Wait, how do you know about that?" Ja: "Know what? owo" L: "Ah. Nothing."