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N: "Rossem, this is great!! This picture is what we've been looking for!" L: "it is?" N: "Yeah! This is GREAT blackmail!" L: "Oh, you're right." E: "Lis, would you really be ok with doing that?" L: "If it solves this situation, yes." E: "If you say so..." L: "Yeah, absolutely. Nyem, let's prep for a meeting tomorrow, then pack our bags to leave as soon as we're done. I miss my bed." N: "Yes, sir!" E: "Geez." -slam- E: "Yeah, I can't wait to get home either." ... "After this, what do you wanna do?" L: "After we cinch this? Um... eat something at home?" E: "Homecooked?" L: "Yeah, I'd like that." E: "Sure." ... "Hey, I had something weird happen this morning." L: "Ugh, I don't want any more information in my head right now." E: "Oh, ok. Sorry." L: "It's fine." ... "Tell me more nice things." E: "Uh... It's valentines day." L: "Fuck." E: "Um. We can get a dog, if you want." L: "Can we get a cat?" E: "Sure!" ... "Man, what are we doing?" L: "What do you mean?" E: "Sitting here, talking about nothing... Lisem, I want to talk about us." L: "What about us?" ... "Hey. What about us?" E: "Sorry, I was thinking." L: "Yeah. Um... that's ok." E: "Ah, nevermind." L: "No, no! Come on!" E: "I don't want to make you more miserable." L: "Impossible." E: "I know that us being... Close makes you feel horrible." L: "Erik, I want to be as close to you as possible. But, as a world leader... Well, I have a lot of factors to consider, outside of just my feelings. THAT'S why it's awful." ... "And situations like this are exactly what I'm paranoid about. What I'm about to do to the princess... What if someone did that to me?" E: "And you're going to live your life by that fear?" L: "I have to." ... "Woah!" E: "Stop being stupid, Lisem!" ... "Just feel good if you're happy, and feel sad if you're sad. Why waste time being upset about things that haven't happened yet?" L: "That's so irrisponsible. You really live your life like this?" E: "Well, not for really important things, like my job." L: "Still..." E: "You can't make decisions based off what you think people will think of you. For your personal life, at least." L: "How could someone so cute be so stupid?" E: "Thanks." L: "You're right, to an extent. But we live in unusual circumstances." E: "Fine, fine. You're in charge for a reason." L: "That's absolutely right. But thanks for the advice." E: "I'm here whenever you need me." L: "And I promise that when we finish up here, we can just relax and take some time for ourselves." E: "Sounds lovely, Lis."