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L: "Listen up, everyone. This isn't going to be easy. This is the first time APUS has been at war in 4 years, and with no warning, either. If we want to win, we're all going to have to work overtime, and connect all levels of our departments." N: "So you have an actual plan? Not just a vague idea of what to do?" L: "Yes, I do. I always have one." N: "That's very good. Maybe we'll get out of this jam alright." L: "Of course we will." ... "Now, I have a lot of emergency plans, but I've taken the liberty to make new ones, ok? On the board behind me, I have a gameplan. First, cement our allyship with Ceyan. Nyem and I can focus on that. Carl, focus on prepping us for water attacks. Sara, make sure we don't go under. I got small things for Jessi, but they'll be helpful." ... "Any questions?" C: "Yeah, did you get any slurpees for the rest of us?" E: "Dude, you can have some of this if you want, I don't care." ... L: "Guys, come on. I know this seems bad, but... Everyone here is smart, capable, good under pressure... Altogether, we make an amazing team. As long as we buckle down, we can do this." ..."Um- Yeah. Meeting adjourned." S: "Thanks, sir." C: "We'll do our best." N: "I think you should take the buffer states, control the exports, while I talk to Ceyan." L: "Yeah, that's what I was thinking. F'nyek will probably go aggro, so we need Ceyan protections." N: "We have a strong treaty with them already." L: "I'll fly out tonight." N: "Rossem, I'm really sorry for what I said to you in the hospital." L: "Why? You were right." N: "Yes, but I needed more tact." L: "No, no. I would've stayed in there during this whole mess if it wasn't for you." N: "Well... I'm glad I could be of help." E: "Hey, you're travelling? Can I tag along?" L: "I was hoping you would." N: "Never hurts to have a second." L: "Haha, yeah. We work better together." N: "Rossem, I'm really surprised at your lack of worry over this." L: "I really think we got this in the bag. I doubt it'll actually come to blows, really. I don't know why Eunic decided to threaten us, but, I'm really confident in our abilites, you know?" N: "Thanks for the vote of confidence. I think we all really needed it." L: "No worries! I'm happy that my words could help, 'specially since that's not my strong suit." N: "You're very eloquent when you try."