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L: “Ah, I’m here, I’m here!!” T: “Dude, you’re like, two hours late.” L: “Good observation, Ty. Last night I was going over some docs and long story short, I passed out. Slept 11 hours, woke up around 10 minutes ago. Moving on.” ... “Now, I sent you all emails, but that was at 1am, and I don’t remember what I wrote, so I’m just gonna go over them again. Carl, I want you to get started on new military propaganda. Jessi, I need you to draft some laws for anti-robo-calls. I got three this week. It’s becoming an issue. Nyem. Some of our deals with the phone companies in the buffer states are about to run out. Keep them from making deals with F’nyek. Ty. We talked about getting everyone on office 365. Make that happen. Sara. Erik. I want to see you both in my office. Everybody got that?” J: “When do you want this done?” L: “I dunno, Jessi. Email me in 3 days.” N: “So you want it done in 3 days.” L: “No, I- Just- Just email me in 3 days, ok?” C: “Fine.” N: “Geez, a three day deadline is a little harsh, sir.” L: “Each of you finds a new and unique way to make me count the days til I’m 21 every single week. Erik, Sarenya, my office.” C: “Hah.” L: “Ok. Yesterday, I said I’d have you two compete, so today we’re doing that. I have three tasks for the two of you. Task one is keeping everyone else on task. This is an easy one. Task two is that I need an agenda of everyone’s personal work tasks and projects for the next month. Task 3 is getting a comprehensive list of all tax deductibles from last month.” ... “Those last two have to get done by the end of the day. You have... Well, it’s 12, the day ends at 5, so 5 hours, I guess.” ... “Why are you both just standing there?! Go! Go!” E: “Yessir!” S: “Yes, boss!”