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E: “Hey.” ?: “Hey.” E: “How’s the arm?” ?: “No worse then yours.” E: “That’s good. I’m sorry.” ?: “What do you want, Erik? You’re never nice to me unless you want something.” E: “Thanks.” ... “You gotta leave Lisem and I alone.” ?: “It’s a lot of money-” E: “I know it’s a lot of money. I was considering it myself. But you’re betraying the rest of the Magnolias. You’re gonna get yourself killed.” ?: “Drop the DNK!” E: “No!!” ?: “Come on!” E: “I’m not gonna let you kill Lis!!” ?: “Lis? You fuckin pussy!” E: “This is my job.” ?: “Tch. You used to be a vigilante. Now you’re just some stupid brat’s lapdog, you little gayboy.” E: “Alright, that’s it. I’m telling the Magnolias you’re going rogue, if you won’t cooperate.” ?: “There’s more then one way to lift a DNK, you know.” E: “Yeah?” ?: “Sorry it had to be this way, Erik. Thanks for all the time we spent together.” -thud x2- -BANG- L: “ERIK!!” -fzzz- -sktch- E: “What?” -thump- E: “Lisem.” -heavy breathing- E: “You killed her.” -END CHAPTER 2-