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E: (You know it’s not your fault, right?) L: (Yeah.) E: (It’s my job to make sure you don’t get hurt.) L: (I know, I know.) C: “Hey, what’s happening over here?” L: “Oh, perfect timing. Take this over for me.” ... “You’re good at military weapons. Work on this.” C: “Huh? Um... Ok?” ... “So, what are we doing here?” E: “Hey, you’re pretty cute in a short sleeve shirt like that.” C: “Dude, shut the hell up.” E: “Oh, sorry.” ... “I see a cute guy and I can’t help getting excited.” C: “Yeah, but I don’t want people to think I’m girly.” E: “Ah, I gotcha. Sorry.” C: “It’s ok. Sorry for being aggro.” ... “So, um. This.” E: “Yes! This. This is a gun called a PCW.” C: “Ok?” E: “PCW stands for ‘Psiwave Compactor and Weaponizer.’ It uses quantum physics to compress psiwaves real small, then releases them for a massive energy blast, to simplify.” C: “I don’t know anything about quantum physics.” E: “A psiwave is... It’s like a representation of all possible outcomes at once? And it can interfere with itself... Um, it’s complex. What’s important is what it does, which is make interesting guns, and secure communication across infinite distances.” C: “Ok.” E: “In this gun, it contains a source, three crystal splitters, and tubes to redirect extra particles.” C: “Hm.” E: “It’s really simple.” ... “Here, I’ll show you! Let me put it back together. Then we can try it out.” C: “Isn’t that dangerous?” E: “Naaah.” E: “Come on! You can do it!” C: “Um.” ... “This feels stupid.” E: “No, no, come on! I believe in you!” J: “You can do it.” C: “That’s not the issue! I don’t wanna hurt anyone!” ... “Wait, why the hell are you involved?” J: “I wanted to be supportive.” C: “Fine, fine.” J: “So, what are you trying to do?” C: “You don’t even know?!” ... “Ahhh, fine. If Jess is telling me to.” E: “That’s all it takes?” -click!- C: “Oh, huh?” ... “Is this a laser pointer?” E: “Don’t wave that around! You’ll hurt someone’s eyes.” C: “Sorry.” E: “Jess, do you have a phone?” L: “Yeah.” E: “Do you have video?” J: “Oh, yes, I can take a video of this.” E: “Thanks! The PCW is mainly just a laser til it’s supplied with some kind of psiwave source, like this switch here. Try now.” -BZZZZP!- C: “That sounded better?” E: “Ooh, that was a good one!” C: “Um... I didn’t see anything, though.” E: “Aw, that’s too bad. Let’s look at the recording.” C: “WOAH!!” J: “See?” E: “Not everyone can see the psiwaves. It’s actually really rare.” C: “That’s so neat!!” ... “Why do you know this, though?” E: “Why does anyone know anything?” C: “Do you think I’m going to take that answer?” E: “Yes?” C: “Wrong.” E: “Uh, I actually feel really lucky, having got this. There’s only a few guns like this in the world already, but... I could immediately tell that this was one of mine.” C: “What?” L: “Well, the design is certainly mine. It has the little side slit things and the stand and the sniping capabilities. The question is whether or not this is a prototype I physically made, which I’m not sure.” J: “You make guns?” C: “That’s not suspicious at all.” E: “No, no, no! Ok! I used to be a physicist as a job, and I spent a bit focusing on practical quantum, so I was making a lot of prototypes.” C: “And one of those randomly ended up in your possession now?” E: “Yeah!” C: “Huh.” E: “I guess it is... kind of... Hm.” C: “You’re not very bright, huh.” E: “Oh, fuck.” C: “He’s doing it. He’s having a thought.” J: “Carl.” C: “Sorry.” E: “This isn’t good. I gotta make a call.”