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E: “Hey, good morning!” S: “God damnit.” E: “I need to talk to you.” S: “Ok fine HEY! Get off the desk, pal!” ... “Shoo!! Shoo!!” E: “Hang on.” ... “That crazy son of a bitch.” S: “The hell is that?” E: “One of Lisem’s cute little listening devices. He put these all over my apartment so I was assuming he put some here.” S: “What- Seriously?!” E: “I found em when I was setting up my own. We had the same idea of where to hide em.” S: “That’s awful.” E: “I think it’s funny how much we have in common.” S: “Did you come in here to do this, or did you have a question?” E: “I wanna talk to you about the nature of my employer.” S: “Ok, take a seat.” E: “I think I’ll stand.” ... “So, I work for a very esteemed company.” S: “Yeah?” E: “So esteemed, that only certain elites even know of our existence. We only accept jobs of political or social importance, at extremely high rates. Only around a hundred people know our name. To tell an outsider of our organization’s name or members would be traitorous, at the least.” S: “Ok?” E: “So where’d you get the name?” S: “So you wanna find the source of the leak.” E: “Yeah.” S: “But aren’t you leaking info to me right now?” E: “When I do it, it’s ok.” S: “Christ.” E: “Listen, I gotta find who did it, because if someone else finds them first, they’ll be killed! And if they tell someone else you know, you’ll be killed! I want a minimum amount of deaths here!!” S: “The irony of the situation is not lost on me.” E: “And- almost losing this job- Lisem almost getting killed- getting sick- and he’s lying to me about something, but I just want him to trust me- and I’m lying- My god, dude! I’m smoking a pack a day with this shit!!” S: “I’m sorry for saying you would lose your job. That wasn’t cool.” E: “No! You thought I was suspicious! Because I am! I’m the bad guy here!! And I hate it!!” S: “Can’t you quit your old job?” E: “No- I can’t- Even if I could, they’d hire someone else, and they’d have no problem killing Lisem at the drop of a hat.” S: “That’s sticky.” E: “For once, I want to keep everyone alive! Is that so hard to ask?!” S: “I don’t get it. Why do you care so much?” E: “What?” S: “Aren’t you supposed to be a cold-blooded killer?” E: “Sara, I spent the last six years in a horrible fog of mindless killing.” S: “Six years?” E: “This is the first I’ve cared in a long time. I gotta whole-ham it. This is my chance to do something good for people I’m emotionally attached to!” S: “Well, I really shouldn’t give unsolicited advice. But here it is. If you care so much about keeping al of us safe, you’re not a bad guy. You’re doing a job. Your job doesn’t have to be what your boss says, or what your friends say. It can be you doing what you think is best for your country, or for you. And that’s not lying.” E: “That’s the smartest advice anyone’s ever given me.” S: “Yes, I’m very smart and wise.” E: “No kidding! I can see why Lisem made you my boss.” S: “Thank you!” E: “So I should just do what I think is right!” S: “I guess so?” E: “Ok! So... I guess I’ll make my job protecting you and Lisem, and everybody else! So... You promise you’ll forget about the organization? At least the name?” S: “Fine, fine.” E: “You’re amazing! Thank you!!” S: “Haha, no problem.” E: “Hey, who’s this? She’s pretty cute.” S: “Oh you know. That’s just my WIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!”