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L: “おはよお。(Morning.)” X: “Hey, you’re up!”... “You look so angry.” L: “I need to get caught up on work.” X: “Oh, are you leaving?” L: “Mm.” X: “おう、そうですか。(Oh, is that so.)” L: “Mm.” X: “Well, ok. See you after work.” L: “mm.” X: “Don’t forget your laptop.” L: “Mm.” X: “Or your earbuds.” L: “Mm.” L: “Morning.” ... “Wait, what’s going on?” E: (You see?) N: (What if it’s heavier?) C: (Wow.) C: “Experiments.” L: “Um... Ok?” E: “Gimme something else!” ... “There we go!” L: “Eh?” E: “Um... 0.14oz? Yeah. I’d say 0.14.” L: “Oh, I see. Very impressive-” E: “Hyah!” C: “I thank you missed?” E: “No, I didn’t miss. Unless the wind changed from 5.7mphN, to like, 5.1?” N: “I think he got it!! Let’s call Sara.” S: “Where the fuck did you guys get an airpod?!” E: “Nice.” C: “Mrgh.” N: “Wow! So cool!” L: “Did you just take my shit. And throw it out my office window.” E: “Um.” S: “YOU DID WHAT?!” E: “Uh.” S: “When I get back to the office- I swear to god-” E: “Sorry, Sara.” S: “APOLOGIZE TO ROSSEM!!” E: “I’m sorry...” L: “Are you gonna buy me a replacement?” N: “Um... Let’s get back to work!” S: “Good. See you guys in a second.” -click- C: “Aw, man!” S: “I’m here!” -heavy breathing- “There-” N: “Hey, don’t just put it on the ground!” L: “Have you been throwing stuff out of the office all morning?” E: “Um... Yeah, I’ve been throwing it into this bin on 3rd street.” L: “Wow, that’s like... Pretty far.” E: “The buildings create an air pocket.” L: “Oh right, you used to be a physicist, right?” E: “How’d you know?” L: “I know a lot of things.” E: “Fair.” ... “There ya go! Here’s your little earphone thing. Boop!” L: “Eh?” S: “Hey. Stop doing that. Did you get your outlook set up?” E: “Eh?” S: “No, huh.” E: “Eh?” ... “Ok! I’ll go do that!” S: “Geez.” ... “Absolutely hopeless.” L: “Unfortunately.”