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L: “How’s life.” X: “It’s good! How was your conference?” L: “Fine.” X: “Good! いいですね!(That’s good!)” ... “Ah, I saw your speech on TV! おつかれさまです! (Good job!)” L: “It wasn’t that good. Geez.” X: “You should give speeches every day! I love watching them!” L: “That would be a nightmare, Xerus.” ... “What’s in the fridge?” X: “Nothing, sorry.” L: “Let’s order something.” X: “Ok!” ... “I’ve been getting food from this good place downtown. I have Faraday pick it up for me.” L: “Don’t use your old assassin buddies to get you thai food.” X: “Nah, come on. You’ll love it.” L: “Fine. How’s your search going with those documents I asked about?” X: “Let’s eat first, k?” L: “Ok.” X: “美味しい!(delicious!)” L: “いただきます。(Itadakimasu/let’s eat.)” X: “Oh, lemme open a window for you.” L: “We live in a void. It doesn’t make a difference.” X: “Don’t be so negative! Sometimes the clouds are different.” L: “I guess you’d know.” X: “Hey, I went out to get groceries last month.” L: “That’s good.” X: “いいです、はい。(It’s good, yes.) Yeah, it’d been a while since I left. Figured I’d check up on the world.” ... “だいじょぶですか?(Are you ok?)” L: “なに?(What?)” X: You look tired.” L: “え、そうです… (Yeah, sure...)” X: “If you say so...” L: “Mmrgh... (Sadiric mumbling)” X: “Hey. Hey. Hey.” ... “I got your files all searched, see?” L: “おん (Um). Um. Thank you.” X: “Yeah! The guy’s clean. No criminal history or anything. He was a physicist for the F’nyek weapons dev department.” L: “Oh.” ... “What about the explosion?” X: “Oh, a bunch of people there faked it. The color was a coincidence.” L: “No rogue users?” X: “いいえ。(No.)” L: “That’s... good.” X: “One less thing to worry about, huh?” L: “Yeah.” X: “...Yeah.” L: “mm.” X: “Oookay. It’s bedtime.” L: “mnno” X: “Yeess.” ... “Come on. Did I teach you nothing about sleep?” L: “Alex used to let me stay up all night waiting for you to come home.” X: “Alex did a lot of things he shouldn’t have.” L: “Ahhh... You’re right.” X: “Thanks.” L: “Ah, I have to work on the weapons sheets, though... And the taxes...” X: “Lis. Go to sleep.” L: “But there’s so much to do...” X: “Lis. Go to sleep.” L: “But...” X: “Lis. Go to sleep. I’m going to shove you into that room.” L: “Ok. おやすみなさい。(Good night.)” X: “Hey.” L: “Mm?” X: “I love you, ok? And... I’ll be here when you wake up. If you need someone to talk to.” L: “Geez... I’m fine, but thanks.” X: “Ok. おやすみなさい。(Good night.)” L: “おやすみなさい。”