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L: “It’s so hot.” E: “Then take off the suit. It’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit.” L: “Maybe I will.” E: “Oh wow, you’re really going for it, huh.” L: “Yeah, dude. It’s stupid hot.” E: “Yeah, true, but...” ... “Now you look like a normal guy.” L: “Huh? Really? I’m sorry.” E: “No, it’s a good look. I like it. I liked the tee shirt, too.” L: “I don’t need your lies to feel good about myself, Erik.” E: “I’m not lying sir.” L: “Wait, it’s Saturday! You don’t work today! Why the hell are you here?!” E: “Haha, you got me! It was hot and lonely at my apartment, so I came to find you. Sorry!” L: “You’re an interesting guy, Erik D’yrin.” E: “I choose to take that as a compliment!” L: “I meant that as one, so good.” E: “Hey, let’s go get ice cream, since it’s officially summer.” L: “i’m 18, not 5.” E: “Yeah, but I want to.” L: “Fine.” E: “Lisem Rossem. Lisem Rossem. What is that, a... palindrome?” L: “Not quite.” E: “Aw, throw me a bone here. I’m dumb.” L: “No you’re not.”