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E: “Sir, on tomorrow’s schedule, you just have a snigle slot with the label- ‘financials.’” L: “Oh, their slot finally came up? Damn. I hate those.” ... “Listen, at around 10 minutes in, I’m going to tell you that I forgot to do a task, and I’m going to make you do it. This is normally the excuse I use to escape, but I want you to use it. Take the day off. Ok?” E: “You really hate these, huh...” L: “Yeah. They’re boring.” E: “Um, excuse me...” S: “Huh?” ... “Oh! Mr. D’yrin!” E: “You’re Sarenya Kardengas, right? Head of accounting?” S: “Um- Yes!” E: “It’s nice to meet you! Sorry, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to formally introduce myself!” S: “Oh, it’s fine!” E: “Do you mind sending me the itinerary for tomorrow? Lisem’s being difficult, and he won’t give me one. You know how he can get.” S: “I don’t, but... Sure?” E: “Thanks!” ... “Ah, this is great! Thanks, see you tomorrow!” S: He’s... kind of nice. Huh. E: “Bam!” L: “Huh?” ... ”What is this?” E: “I went around and talked to everyone who had input at the meeting tomorrow! A lot was small stuff that I handled on the spot, which should cut down on the time by a solid few hours, at least! And I’ll be there, so it’ll be less boring too, I hope.” L: “Woah, no way! This is a lot of work, and all hand-written... This is all you did today?” E: “Yeah! I wanted to make your day a little more bearable!” L: “R-really? Thank you.” E: “So, don’t go shoving me away from a challenge, ok? I can handle hard work.” L: “Geez, fine! Don’t tease me.” L: “Mrgh... I can’t concentrate...”