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E: “Sir, important call on line 1! I’m assuming you want it?” L: “Who is it?” E: “Military queen of Eunic, sir!” L: “Ah. Tell her I’m not in.” E: “What?! Why?!” L: “She only ever calls to give me false praise. She thinks I’m gullible and hungry for attention because I grew up as a low-income child orphan, and she’s trying to use that to her political advantage. She’s done this for years.” E: “Ah, ok, I’ll hang up.” L: “Well- Oh. Next time, at least make up a lie.” E: “Um, all that... I’m really sorry. That sucks.” L: “Erik.” ... “Listen to me very carefully. I get that kind of pity from everybody. But I don’t want to hear that shit from you. Ever.” ... “Understand? :D” E: ...somehow, this is ten thousand times worse then just getting fired.