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C: “Hey, so what do you think of the PM’s new head assistant?” S: “Go away, Carl. I’m trying to do the financials.” C: “Geez, so uptight!!” ... “He’s kind of an idiot, though, right?” S: “He’s our whole department manager.” C: “Well, that’s who we were hiring for, but he doesn’t really do that, right? He’s more of a coffee guy for the PM now, haha.” S: “That’s mean.” C: “But that’s good news for us internal workers. There’s now a giant power vacuum, waiting to be filled by whoever can get in the PM’s good graces first. I hear of a couple guys trying for the job already.” ... “But then again, maybe the head of presidential affairs won’t be a guy at all, ey, Sara?” ... “I’ll leave you with your broken pen.” S: “Oh, shit!”