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?: “The PM isn’t here yet...?! It’s 1pm!” “Oh no...” “Did something happen?!” “Is he ok?!” E: “I guess I’ll... Go... Find him?” ?: “PLEASE!!” E: “This is where he likes? Huh, this apartment complex is shittier then mine.” ... “Oh fuck, the door is unlocked... Please don’t be assassinated...” ... “SIR!!!” L: zzz E: “HEY, WAIT, YOU’RE JUST ASLEEP!!” ...”Sir, wake up!” L: “Uh?” ... “Where am I?” E: “Your house, sir.” L: “Why are you here?” E: “You weren’t at work, so I came to check on you.” L: “Oh god, work! I gotta get my suit!” E: “The workday is already over, sir. Do you want these papers?” L: “Fuck me, a coworker is in my house, and I’m in my filthy tee shirt, and... I’m mortified.” ... “Um, listen. I only gave you my classified address in case of emergency. I never expected you to come see where I live. Yes, this one-bedroom apartment is my home. Yes, I live here by myself. Yes, I fell asleep reading classified documents in the dark with my phone light, so it probably died, which would be why my alarm didn’t wake me up this morning. And yes, I do need an alarm to wake up, so laugh all you want, but I’m still your boss. But please, refraid frmo telling others about my disorganization, or how I live like, a, -” E: “Like an 18 year old human?” L: “Uh. Yeah.” E: “As usual, I wasn’t thinking any of those things, you know.” L: “Really?” E: “You’re always too in your own head, Lisem. I don’t care!” L: “Ok...” E: “Come on, I’ll help you clean up.” L: “You don’t have to help me. Office hours are over.” E: “I don’t mind.” L: “Gunning for a promotion?” E: “Nah, I just like you as a person. I don’t know anyone but you, so you’re kind of my only friend.” L: “Well, I suppose you didn’t have to come after hours to see if I was alive to get a promotion, so... I believe you.” E: “Wanna get dinner after this?” L: “Ok.”