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L: “So, are you getting used to your job yet?” E: “Kind of... Your staff consists of over a hundred people, so I’ve just been learning people’s names, and... Trying to figure out... What my job actually is.” L: “Your job is just to do what I say and ignore orders from everyone else.” E: “Ok, sir!” ... “Hey, what if you order me to ignore your orders?” L: “I don’t pay you to act like a smartass.” E: “Good point, sir!” ... “Um, I know you’re the PM and everything, but do you want to get drinks after work today?” L: “I’m not of legal drinking age, sorry.” E: “HUH?!” L: “I’m only 18.” E: “Since when?!” L: “Since 253 days ago?” E: “I know this information should upset me, but the fact that you count the days since your last birthday is adorable.” L: “No it’s not.”