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E: “Ah, I’m back, and I got your Usb, despite you not giving me... one...” ... “Woah. Are you ok?” L: -nods- E: “... I’m sorry. That everything is so stressful. I don’t know what that guy said to you in that meeting, but... He’s a jerk. Just... Let me know how I can help, ok?” L: “I don’t- I- Why is everything so HARD for me?!” ... “Every single damn decision I make is one that only leads to more and more shit that I have to deal with! At least this stupid conference is over, but then I have to go back and deal with this other stupid shit! Not to mention, constantly making sure nobody else is outpacing me! It sucks! Why would I do this to myself?!” E: “You want me to be real for a second?” ... “You work with tons of smart and talented people, and I don’t think I’ve seen you ask anyone other then me to do anything for you, once. Everyone else has highly connected groups of advisers. Use the people you hire.” L: “I- I- I can’t.” E: “Yeah, you can. We’re all capable-” L: “You don’t get it!” ... “Do you know why I kicked you uot of that Ceyan meeting?! Because I’m blackmailing all the people there for open trade routes! Or why I hate the financials? Because I’m committing massive amounts of tax fraud just to keep the country afloat!! These are things I can’t delegate because only I have the prowess to pull them off undetected, because they’re all highly stressful and highly illegal!! I can’t trust anyone, and with the information I just learned, least of all you, so I don’t know why I’m even telling you this! So- So- fuck me for being too stressed out about whether you’re going to murder me or not, while trying my best to run an entire fucking country singlehandedly when I just turned 19 two days ago! ok?!” -heavy breathing- E: “Hey, happy birthday.” L: “Shut the fuck up.” E: “Here, I’ll give you a gift, how about that?” L: “What could you possibly-” E: “I can promise I’m not going to murder you.” L: “And how am I supposed to believe you?” E: “Um... I’ll... I’ll give you a list of some info that would be very bad for me if it got released. You could consider it blackmail material.” L: “Yeah? And what’s that?” E: “A list of all the people I killed.” L: “W- Wh- I- Wh-” E: “I know that probably makes you more suspicious, but... I dunno. You’re the genius, tell me if that helps.” L: “I- Why would you tell me this?! Why have you murdered people?!” E: “I was in the military. I don’t do it anymore.” ... “Listen. If criminal shit is what keeps APUS afloat, then hire people who can do criminal shit. I used to do criminal shit. Let me help you build a better team. My point is- You need people you can trust. I want that to be me.” L: “I don’t understand you.” E: “Huh?” L: “If you wanted me to trust you, why tell me all this? What’s your plan?” E: “What?” L: “It’s just not very... It’s not a good move. I don’t get it.” E: “Not everything is a “move.” Sometimes you just got feelings.” L: “I suppose.” E: “Yeah, dude. Feelings. Speaking of, are you feeling any better?” L: “Um, yeah, actually. Yelling helped.” E: “Good. We got around twenty minutes to get on a plane, so you gotta start packing.” L: “Oh... Ok.” ... “Ok. I’m ready to leave.” E: “Ok, let’s go.”