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-click- E: “Um, can I ask-” L: “I need you do something for me before we leave tonight.” E: “Uh... Ok?” L: “I need you to go down to the security office and get the footage from the past 3 days, put it on a usb, and then erase the hotel’s copies.” E: “This room’s, or...” L: “No, everyone’s.” E: “I don’t know-” L: “Just go down there and figure it out.” ... “Go! Go! You’re on a time crunch!” E: “I’m going! I’m going! Geez.” ... “Bye.” L: “Good luck.” -ring ring- ?: -click- “Hey! If you’re hearing this, you’re one of like, three people, so just text me. Bye!” L: “Son of a bitch.” ?: -ring ring- -click- “Hey!-” x4 ?: “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OK?!” L: “Wha- Yeah!!” ?: “You called me like, thirty times!! I thought you died!!” L: “No, no!!” ?: “Geez... Don’t scare me like that, Lis.” L: “Ah, I’m sorry.” ?: “Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. What do you need?” L: “Um... Can you take a look at some photos, please?” ?: “Yeah, send em over.” L: “Where are you?” ?: “Bedroom.” L: “Ok.” ... “Sending stuff your way.” ?: “Oh, ok- Ooooh. That’s not good. What’d you do now?” L: “I didn’t do anything, these are from somewhere in F’nyek. Did you do this?” ?: “Ah, fuck, no. We gotta go deal with this, then. If people find out that psychic shit is real-” L: “Normally, yes, but this is from a while ago. Look at the dates. They’re from around 5 years ago, and some kind of military complex.” ?: “Oh, hm. Well, I mean, what is this, Lis?” L: “You’ll never guess- F’nyeki asshole guy just gave these to me, said they have something to do with the guy I hired like a month or two ago. He wanted me to investigate in return for info on that guy, but obviously I’m not giving him shit, especially if it has to do with psychic stuff.” ?: “Oh, huh. You think he’s catching on?” L: “No. He’s a stupid bitch and I hate him.” ?: “Well, ok, I’m assuming you’re calling me because you don’t know what to do next?” L: “No, I’m... I’m gonna monitor this guy I hired more, which I was already doing, while I do more research. I think that someone went in and killed all these people, and my guy just happened to escape, but didn’t want to return to the military, so he came to APUS. He doesn’t have citizenship, so-” ?: “You hired a guy with no records?” L: “I thought he was an assassin at first, so keep your enemies close, right?” ?: “Lisem, I know you’re very competent, but please don’t do things like that, You could get hurt, or worse.” L: “Geez, I know what I’m doing. I can hold my own in a fight, dad.” ?: “Don’t say that. You know how much I worry about you.” L: “Sorry.” ?: “I’m about to stick this usb into a computer. We’ll see what info I get. In the meantime, did you get my present?” L: “Oh, yeah. Luckily my guy was out of the room when you sent it, but seriously, you can’t just send me things randomly- someone might see, and then we’d- I’d be fucked.” ?: “Oh, my bad. -Wait, you’re travelling with this guy?” L: “It’s been all over the news!” ?: “I don’t watch the news! I barely go outside! Why did you bring him?” L: “Because- I- Fuck you! (sadiric curse)” ?: “Don’t call me that! Rude.” L: “So, did you get a good look at the files?” ?: “Oh, yeah. You want me to go there and investigate?” L: “Yeah, please.” ?: “I’ll go tonight.” L: “Awesome. Thank you.” ?: “Anything else you need?” L: “Nah, I’m good. I’ll call you later.” ?: “Ok, bye. Love you. L: “Love you too.” -pshw- -creak- L: “mrggh. I can’t wait to go home.”