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G: “Listen, Lisem. You know who I am. I’m the prince of F’nyek. My time is valuble, and I don’t like to waste it. So, first things first- I want that guy out of the room.” L: “Him?” G: “Yes.” L: “Why- Um- No! He’s my guy! You don’t get to decide that-” G: -sigh- “You’ve always been so difficult, Lisem.” ... “Here, read this, you awful little man.” L: “Well, that wasn’t necessary... Hm. Hmm.” ... “Fine, I’ll concede. Go stand outside, Erik.” E: “Wait, what? Why?!” L: “Just do it.” E: “Alright, fine. Good luck.” -slam- L: “Alright, Garic. Are you going to just stare angrily at me, or are you going to explain what you mean by ‘I’m going to extort you’?” G: “It means what it means, Lisem.” L: “This is your problem. No tact. You could at least be a little subtle, if you really think you’ve finally got something on me.” G: “Oh, you’re aware of my ongoing quest to find incriminating evidence on you, huh”? L: “Uh, yeah, you seem to exist to make my life miserable.” G: “It’s just a hobby. Either way, I have some interesting files here. Citizenship and military for one ‘Erik D’yrin.’” L: “You can’t just throw your fake documents-” G: “No proof in the world is enough for you, Lisem. That’s how I know I can’t release these documents to the public. Plus, with your history of making evidence disappear... Well, whatever. That’s not my plan, I’m not as stupid as you think.” L: “Ok, what’s your damn plan, genius boy?” G: “I’ve known you for what, four years? You’re like a starving dog, jumping on any tasty piece of information you find. You want to see the contents of this file.” L: tch. G: “I’ll take that as a yes.” L: “What do you want from me? If you ask for any land, the answer will be no.” G: “Huh... What do I want...” L: “I don’t want the file that bad. You realize that, right?” G: “Hmmmmm~...” L: “I’m about to walk out of here.” G: “Oh, I know!” ... “You’re good at being a sneaky bastard. I want you to look into something for me.” L: “Oh, maybe you are getting smarter. What is it?” G: “It’s involving your guy, and the stuff in the file. There’s some suspicious stuff surrounding his death circumstances.” L: “Oh, such as the fact that he’s not dead? Ob-” G: “No, you moron. The fact that there was a giant pink explosion, and 45 people died. Look in the folder.” L: “Oh, ok. So there’s nothing I’d actually want in here.” G: “Of course not, idiot.” L: “Just double-checking that you’re stealing my ideas now.” G: “Look at this, taken at the time of the incident. This is the explosion. What kind of weapon could do this?” L: “Hm.” G: “The color of it looks... Supernatural.” L: “Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it.” ... “Yeah, fine. I’ll call you when I find something.” G: “Let me give you my private number.” L: “I have it already.” G: “I never gave it to you-” L: “I have it.” G: “Well, ok.” E: “Oh- Hey! How’d it go?” L: “Fine.” E: “Um... Where are you going?” L: “Room.” E: “Uh... Ok.” ... “...Are you ok?” L: “Yeah.” E: “Ok...”