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L: “Hey.” E: “Ah!” ... “Geez, you scared me!” L: “Sorry. Can you do some translation work for me with the reps from F’nyek?” E: “Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” L: “Oh, what’s this bag?” E: “Dunno. It was there when I got in the room.” L: “Mm, ok.” E: “What’s it say?” L: “Oh, it’s from my brother. He must have had room service drop it off. Sent it through the mail?” E: “Makes sense.” -In the elevator to the lobby- E: “Are those ok to eat?” L: “Yeah, sure. They’re my favorite brand.” E: “What if they’re poisoned?” L: “I doubt it. Don’t be so negative.” E: “Sorry for being kind of aggressive. These have been a kind of stressful two days.” L: “It’s fine. I didn’t notice.” E: “Well, I did. And it was bothering me.” L: “Mm... then, ok. Thanks.” E: “It’s kind of... crazy, that you’re meeting with anyone who speaks F’nyeki, at all. Since APUS just gained independence from then, what, 4 years ago?” L: “Yeah, I took the throne when I was 15, so around 4 years. I oversaw the unification of those revolting from F’nyek (Uroria and Sadia) and a lot of buffer territories. We just met Andrena from the remaining ones who didn’t want to unify and join APUS. But I don’t want any bad blood. Especially seeing as I kicked their asses so bad at the end of the 5 year war.” E: “Ah, I remember that. I was 17? 18?” L: “Yeah, i was 12 when it started. Finally ended it at 17.” E: “It’s funny to me that you always talk about APUS so possessively. With,uh... ’I’ and ‘my’?” L: “Well, it is. I assembled the union. I was the revolutionary who aggregated the riots. I was the tactician for most of the pivotal battles. I’m the political head.” E: “I guess-” G: “Ah, so you two clowns have finally decided to grace me with your divine presence, eh?” E: “FUCK!” G: “Good, it seems at least one of you is aware of the situation.”