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L: “No offense, but I’m meeting with some Ceyan princesses, and you can’t speak Ceyan, so you can’t really help. Can you run through some documents for me instead? Just organize em, I left em on the bed. Thanks.” E: “That’s what he said, but this is just busy work.” ... “(F’nyeki swear), this is three copies of the same printed out speech with slightly different wording. And I listened to his speech, he didn’t use any of these.” ... “Whatever. I’m gonna go for a smoke.” ... “Ugh.” -fsw- -crckkkk- E: “SHIT-” -more crackling sfx- E: “What... Who sent this? Is this sadiric? That’s what Lisem speaks natively...” ... “Ok, well, lets be... fuck... Careful... Careful.” ... “Wait, this isn’t a bomb. What the fuck?” ... “Well, that’s interesting. No poison on these, and nothing in the bag. Lisem’s DNA, but no matching fingerprints.” ... “Oh well, a mystery for another day. I better clean up before he gets back. If he sees I have all this shit, he might get suspicious.” ... “Oh, I never took that smoke break either. I could go for a cigarette.”