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-Round Two: Agricultural Buffer States- -FIGHT!!- E: “Wait, why is this a fight? These people are lovely.” L: “It’s not? I don’t know why you’d think that it was.” A: “Oh, thank you!! You know, we’re all just so thankful for what Lisem has done for our community.” L: “Well... I mean, you all didn’t want to join the Allied Provinces (APUS), and I didn’t have anything to gain from your citizenship, so it was advantageous for both of us. Don’t give me so much praise” A: “But still, you didn’t have to fight so hard to get our community internationally recognized! We appreciate it so much!” L: “But that was in my best interest too-” E: “Just take the compliment, Lisem.” L: “Fine. Thank you.” E: “Wait, so you represent a collection of other little states, but only for trade disputes?” A: “Yes, Lisem granted us full armed protection in exchange for open borders.” E: “That’s pretty nice.” A: “Yes! We only show up every year to see if there’s something we can do for APUS.” ... “So, is there anything we can do?” L: “You guys don’t have to keep us happy. But on that note, not at the moment, thanks.” ... “Um, I hope it’s ok if we shorten this meeting just a bit, then. I’ll extend the treaty another three years.” A: “Oh, of course!” L: “Then we’ll be on our way.” A: “Oh, I didn’t catch your name, sir.” E: “Oh... Erik. And you?” A: “Andrena.” E: “Nice to meet you!” L: “Ah, well, it’s always good to see you! My office is always open!” A: “Oh, thank you!” -Winner: everybody!-