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L: “Erik!!” E: “Ah!” ... “Shit!! Don’t fall, don’t fall” L: “Oh good, you’re dressed. Come on, we’ve got a lot of meetings to get to. Grab my stuff.” E: “Uh... Where are we going?” L: “We’re headnig off to my favorite part of all this- Diplomacy meetings! We all individually meet to discuss policy and trades as well as general relations. It’s a real good time.” E: “What are we doing first?” L: “Meeting briefly with the queen of Eunic. Then, some reps from the buffer states, some Ceyan princesses, some Felkland people, and potentially some F’nyek people.” E: “You seem excited.” L: “I am.” ... “And here we go.” E: “Oh, geez. Ok.” -Round one: Eunic Queen- -FIGHT!- Q: “Oooh, Lisem! It’s been forever since I last saw you!! You’ve gotten soooo big! And you brought a friend too, I’m so happy!” L: “You owe me £ 3 billion worth of boats.” Q: “Ooh, right down to business, huh? So mean!” L: “I was supposed to receive 7b. My navy accountant personnel only reported 4b.” Q: “Oh, Lisem, don’t worry so much, dear... You’ll get your boats.” L: “Don’t touch me. So annoying.” ... “Listen, I don’t care how you do it, just get those boats. I’ll give you six months. Any more then that, I’m suspending all oil and coal exports to Eunic til I get them.” Q: “Lisem, sweetie, how am I supposed to build your boats with no oil?” L: “A better question to ask would be- ‘How am I supposed to run a country with no oil?’” Q: “...Fine. Six months.” L: “Good.” -Winner: Lisem (APUS rep)-