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E: “Hey, Lisem!” ... “They don’t have that thing you like at the airport, so I just got you this. Sorry.” L: “You’re fired.” E: “You made me get up at 5AM. Don’t even joke.” L: “Mm... Thanksh.” E: “Our flight leaves in 15 minutes. Are you ready?” L: “Yesh.” E: “So, I’ve never been on a plane before.” L: “Really.” E: “Yeah. Is it scary? My mom always hated it.” L: “Um, some people find it terrifying. It kind of shakes around a bit.” E: “That’s not too bad though, right?” L: “Yeah.” -Flight 206, now boarding.- L: “Oh, finally. Let’s board.” E: “Oh, ok.” E: “I hope you’re happy with the window seat.” L: “I am. I like to look at all of APUS when I fly.” E: “Like a king surveying his kingdom.” L: “Um, maybe a bit.” E: “Oh, this is one of those 3DS systems, right?” L: “Oh, yeah.” E: “Can I take a look?” L: “Of course. Just let me save.” E: “NO WAY! This is so small!” L: “I suppose...” E: “Sorry! I’ve just never seen one in person before.” L: “Don’t you have a phone? That’s smaller.” E: “No, I don’t.” L: “Eh?” ... “By the way, you left your passport at the office before we left. Here it is. Silly.” E: “What? I dont have a-” L: “Just take it.” E: “Dude.” L: “Yes?” E: “What is this?” L: “Your passport. Don’t be stupid.” E: “Listen, I don’t know where you got this, but this is fo-” L: “Erik.” ... “Just take the fucking document and don’t ask so many questions. Ok?” E: “Yessir.” L: “Good.”