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L: “Hey, we leave for the global conference in three days. Have you packed yet?” E: “No, not yet, sorry sir.” L: “Do you want to do that tonight?” E: “Actually, I’m busy, sorry. I’m going out with a friend tonight.” L: “Eh? Which friend?” E: “Effe. We met him on the bus.” L: “We did?” E: “You were asleep.” L: “Ah.” E: “Geez, don’t look so sad. You can come if you want. You just have to ask.” L: “Eh? No, no. I have to do work anyways.” E: “Ok...” ... “Alright, I’m heading home now.” L: “Mm, alright. See you tomorrow. I’ll be out of here in half an hour or so.” L: “Mrgh... Stupid... Budget records...” ... Clock: 2:50am L: “Oh, shhhhh...oot. It’s kind of late. I need sleep.” -click- x2 shwwp! L: “Fuck my life” ... “mm” ... “Ugh. Where’s my DS? I left it right in here.” Note: “HEY- Please stop leaving your items in my half of the liminal space. Please organize ----r half within ----- next week. Thanks.” L: “What- RGH- Stupid asshole- I’m not the one who can’t organize, fucker.” ... “look at all this trash.” ... “If that piece of shit really expects me to clean up all of this-” -Rrring- L: “Yeah, yeah, I’m dealing with the mess right now. I’m kind of pissed off, so don’t call me until tomorrow, alright?” ... “...Oh, hi, Erik. ...My apologies. ...No, usually I only get calls from a few people. How did you get my number? ...Oh, that makes sense.” ... “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine. ...Yeah, I know that’s not what it sounds like, but I promise. ...Did you call me just to worry? ...Oh. ...No, I’m not mad at you. You should go out with people more often. It’s good. I’m mad at... I’m mad for a variety of reasons. Don’t worry.” ... “Yeah, I know. Thank you. ... Muffled? I don’t know why my voice would be muffled.” -shww- “Oh, you know? I dropped my phone in jam today, so that might be it. ...Haha! No, that was a joke. ...Yes, I make jokes sometimes. ...Why are you up so late anyways? ...Ah, don’t get into trouble. I don’t make enough to bail you out. Heh.” ... “...Thank you for calling. I needed... This. Yes, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good night.” -pshww- L: “mmrgh.” ... “Why am I so pathetic”