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L: “Hey, did you get someone to run the office while we’re gone yet, by any chance?” E: “D’KATH! I knew I forgot to do something!” L: “And when you come back, teach me how to swear in F’nyeki some more.” E: “Fine.” ... “Hey, Sarenya-” S: “AH!” ... “Christ, Erik! Don’t scare me like that!” E: “I’m sorry! It’s an accident!” ... “But, how’s about a little proposal? You think you can handle running the department for a couple weeks?” S: “Only asking me because I’m the only department head you know, huh...” E: “Nah! I interviewed everyone else! I just think you’re the best leader.” S: “Ok... I’ll take it.” E: “Hey, we should hang out some time! Your resume is impressive!” S: “Are you hitting on me?” E: “Eh? No? I just want to make more friends.” S: “Oh, ok. So you’re just stupid.” E: “That’s not very nice.”