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L: “Thank you for coming with me to get groceries.” E: “Yeah, no problem. Tomorrow I can teach you how to cook that egg dish.” L: “Ok.” E: “Yeah, it’s really good! My mom taught me how to make it, and...” ... “Lisem?!” L: zzz E: “DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!” ... “Geez.” ... “Alright, this is our stop. Let’s go.” Ef: “Hey, is that kid ok?” E: “Eh?” ... “Oh, yeah! He’s just asleep! (Also not a kid...)” Ef: “Good! I was worried. He’s your younger brother?” E: “Uh, no... He’s my friend. We work together.” Ef: “Aw, that’s fun! Where do you guys work?” E: “Oh, you know the large office building with the statue, off 21st? “ Ef: “Oh, the capital office?” E: “Yeah.” Ef: “Huh...” ... “Wait, you- You’re-” E: “Yeah, um, this sleeping guy is your PM, sorry. He’s been working overtime recently.” Ef: “Not a problem at all, sirs!!” E: “Oh, geez. Please don’t be so formal...” ... “Here’s my email. Let’s have lunch sometime, ok?” Ef: “Sure! I’m Effe, by the way.” E: “Erik. Nice to meet you!” Ef: “Likewise!” “Lunch-” Two days later E: “So, uh, men, huh?” Ef: “Yeah... Men.” ... “I loved men so much, I became one!!” E: “YEAH, DUDE!”