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L: “Listen, I said NO!” E: “Lisem, please!” ... “S- Sir- I-” L: “You’ve been hounding me for days. Give it up already!” E: “NO!!” ... “Lisem, I can’t. I can’t let it go.” L: “Why?!” E: “Why won’t you just let me come?” L: “I said no! And I am your boss.” E: “This is for personal reasons, I can tell.” L: “I don’t want you there.” E: “Talk to me, Lisem! I at least deserve an explanation! A real one!” L: “I... I don’t need you.” E: “...” “Yeah.” ... “Lisem.” L: “Wha-” E: “You’re right. You don’t need me. You’ll never need me. And eventually, you’ll replace me with someone better. So please. At least give me a bit more time to convince you to stay friends with me.” L: “You’re already my friend.” E: “Lisem, please.” L: “... Ok.”