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E: “You’re patronizing me.” L: “Huh?” E: “Patronize? Is that the right word? Lisem, is that the right word?” L: “Well, I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but I’m not patronizing you.” E: “No, not patronize. When someone’s being nice to you... Because they feel bad...” L: “The word isn’t important, tell me why you think that. ... But yes, it is patronizing. Or, um, humoring-” E: “Yes!! Humoring! You’ve been humoring me!” ... “ANYWAYS, I’m mad at you!” L: “What?! I’m not humoring you!” E: “Yes you are!!” ... “You’ve been far too nice to me, far too often.” L: “You’re my... my friend.” E: “I don’t buy it. You’re far too important. And you spend your time around people far better then me.” L: “...” E: “Lisem.” L: “Mm.” E: “Tell me what’s inside your head.” ... “Please.” ... “Listen, I-” L: “In three weeks, I’ll leave for an international conference. I’ll be gone for a month. This department needs to run on it’s own in this time. E: “What’s the conference about?” L: “It’s for peace treaties and global issues. I attend by myself.” E: “Hm.” L: “Yes?” E: “I said ‘Hm.’” ... “Ok then, I’ll come with you!!” L: “HUH?! How did you come to that conclusion?!”