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-tck- x4 L: “How long have you been following me?” E: “Um, only a-” L: “AH!” ... “HAH!” ... “You’re going to have to try harder to assassinate me, thug-” E: “What?!” ... “No, I- God damn- I wanted to get a better look at your clothes! Sorry!” L: “Tell me the truth.” E: “That is the truth!” L: “I don’t believe you.” L: “My sincere apologies, good sir. I trust you’ll tell nobody of this incident.” E: “Oh, wow! It’s really ok!! No need for all this.” L: “Say, you’re pretty sneaky. Can you read and write in more then one language?” E: “Yes?” L: “Can you do complex math and use a computer?” E: “Um... Yes?” L: “How about paperwork? Can you handle paperwork?” E: “Why are you asking?” L: “You’re pretty good at taking abuse. What’s your name?” E: “Erik D’yrin, sir.” L: “Interesting.” ... “Come to this location tomorrow for a job interview.” E: “Huh? Ok.” ...”Wait! Who are you?” L: “I suppose most people don’t know my first name... It’s Lisem. Wear something nice tomorrow.” E: “Uh... ok.” ?: “So, what makes you qualified to be the Prime Minister’s aid?” E: “Uh.” ?: “Sir I think this man wandered in off the streets he doesn’t even have a resume” L: “Hm.” ... “You’re hired.” E: “Huh?” ?: “Sir!” ... “This is a bad idea!”