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blah blah blah. I was talking it over last night with my brother and I realized, you know, Iversia is basically my kid. And just like having a kid in real life, you can't really do it til you're set up in life. I took the term off from making Iversia to focus on overkilling credits and whaddyou know, I got all a's and knocked out a ton of requirements. My goal is to go to graduate school for urban planning, so I'm going to focus on that for the next year or so while I finish my degree. I was only able to finish 20/200 pages this term since I was focused on volunteer teaching on top of school, so it's just not feasable for me to finish any comics right now. Anyways, that's an update with my life. If I make any more cool paintings with my time off or write any non-comic books I'll post em here but for now, way too busy. Thank you so much for supporting me all these years! o/ o/ o/